iPad 2 Screen protector- Review and Features

IPAD 2 SCREEN PROTECTOR 300x193 iPad 2 Screen protector  Review and Features

Moshi presents the brand new screen protectors for your iPad. iVisor AG for iPad 2 is an advanced screen protector that shields  your iPad touch screen without obstructing its functionality and appearance.

The iVisor AG features an anti-reflective Matte finish that helps in reducing bright light and blurring. This screen protector is removable, re-usable and 100% bubble free.

It can be installed in a few minutes with four easy steps to follow and no added chemicals. It’s also prepared with Moshi’s polymer adhesive that allows repeated cleaning and re-application. The iVisor’s multilayer construction is wonderfully engineered specifically to offer great scratch resistance while retaining desirable touch-screen sensitivity and response.

It’s a beautiful piece of work done over a screen protector for iPad by Moshi. It is available in Black and White color. It costs around $30 which is nearly Rs 1350 /-  in the Indian market.

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