Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox : The extension race


CHROME VS FIREFOX 300x115 Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox : The extension race

The war between these two web browsers has been an eye-catching one and it is becoming more and more interesting day by day. They are the two most used web browsers with amazing features.

This time the war is for the extension gallery of both the browsers. As Mozilla Firefox  has had add-ons for years now, Google Chrome now storms over by adding 10,000+ extensions to it’s list. It has been just a year since add-ons were introduced on Chrome, and it is already firing up the order to catch up with the Firefox, which had add-ons well over 12,500. But considering the growth rate of extension galleries of both, Chrome is running at a fast pace and it’s growth is much greater than firefox.

GOOGLE CHROME VS FIREFOX 225x300 Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox : The extension race


Google chrome is also securing browser market share, that too at the cost of firefox. It looks like the battle is neck to neck, and will soon reach the next level, where there will be only one winner and will outrun the one who fails to keep up with the battle.


Firefox almost vanished the use of the Internet Explorer by the users. The Internet explorer 7 also failed to make an impact as it had no add-ons or any apps. But Google Chrome is gaining popularity every single day.

Chrome has launched it’s new series of apps and add-ons in it’s web store and Firefox is soon planning to counter it by opening the web app ecosystem 2011. This will witness the mega browser battle ahead. We just have to wait and watch !!

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