Scosche’s freeKEY wireless keyboard



SCOSCHES FREEKEY 300x226 Scosches freeKEY wireless keyboard

Scosche industries have come up with freeKEY the wireless flexible keyboard. This wireless keyboard provides a complete wireless freedom to the user. This is a new entry in the world of wireless keyboards and comes with lots of interesting functions and features.This device combines wireless technology with Bluetooth connectivity.

The freeKEY wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect to the operating device that allows the user to work with it without any trouble. It’s very easy and efficient to use anywhere anytime. It’s setup is easy & hassle-free and it is also very durable i.e. it is capable to withstand wear and tear.

It is extremely flexible  and the user can easily roll up and carry it away in his/her pocket , bag , purse or anywhere else as it hardly takes any space that makes it a perfect travel companion.


SCOSCHES FREEKEY KEYBOARD 300x225 Scosches freeKEY wireless keyboard


Some of  it’s interesting features are :

  • It’s flexible and foldable , easy to carry.
  • It’s water resistant , so if you spill coffee or any other liquid on it accidentally don’t get tensed because it is 100% water resistant.
  • It uses Bluetooth 2.0 , which is supported by Window , Mac OS X , Android , iOS and by any other device that supports Bluetooth.
  • The range of Bluetooth 2.0 is upto 30 feet i.e. pretty good area to cover.


FREEKEY KEYBOARD 300x225 Scosches freeKEY wireless keyboard

The freeKEY wireless keyboard can be paired best with your iPAD , iPHONE or any other Bluetooth supported device or tablets. It helps you to work more efficiently and in the best way possible under different circumstances.

This wireless device comes with a USB charger cable which helps in keeping your keyboard powered up and ready to use anytime anyplace.

The freeKEY wireless flexible keyboard is a very good example of improvement and enhancement in the wireless technology. It is a perfect wireless device to add on to your list and is worth buying. This wireless keyboard costs USD $59.99  and  INR  Rs.2660/- for the American and Indian consumers respectively.

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