Vestalife Firefly Speaker- Award winning Gadget

Vestalife, is one of the Award winning lifestyle electronic Company. It is the World recognized strategy and industrial design consultancy RKS today. Its a reality and an award winning gadget that Vestalife has introduced to the market. It creates a kind of intrigue and sounds futuristic and trendy which is really something awesome.

503874 273x300 Vestalife Firefly Speaker  Award winning Gadget

The design of the Vestalife firefly speaker is really great and it has stunning looks with its design looking similar to a Firefly, with the speakers opening up like the wings for a flight. The metal rings that is present on the base, front and rear of the firefly speaker add a refined and sophisticated feel to it.

vestalife firefly speaker2 300x225 Vestalife Firefly Speaker  Award winning Gadget

It has an angled, hidden hinges which allows the Firefly speaker to open, not just to the sides, but also helps them in moving slightly forward in a welcoming and embracing posture. It is available in three colors silver, black and red. The main thing in this gadget is the use of remote. It comes with a remote for controlling all the functions.

vestalife firefly1 300x231 Vestalife Firefly Speaker  Award winning Gadget


It also has a touch-sensitive volume control which is present just in front of the Ipod-dock which is  subtly curved. The speaker can be powered via batteries. The starting price of Vestalife Firefly Speaker is $72.22.


1) Ipods and Iphone 2G,3G and 3GS  can be docked in.

2) Has a built in sub-woofer.

3) Laced with a Digital Amplifier technology.

4) The gadget is powered with 4AA batteries.

5)Features an auxiliary in jack.

6) Impressive and designer looks.

7) Comes in great colors.

8)Comes with a tote bag to carry it along.

9) Laced with a USB support to connect to the computer.



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