fMRI Technology to scan brain and reconstruct Images

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Technology is a type of special MRI scan which volunteer a human brain which can reconstruct images of what a person has viewed. This Scan basically scan hemodynamic response i.e Change in blood flow. One of the most developed technology form of neuroimaging, it is soon going to become one of the most important technology to volunteer Human brain Activity in Future.

imagessss fMRI Technology to scan brain and reconstruct Images

Recently, One of the neuroscientist at the University of California tested this technology on a human brain. While volunteer watched movie clips, a scanner is placed to watch their brain, and it unbelievable that how close computer reconstructed those images of what hey viewed.Top line of the image below is that original movie clip and the bottom line are the reconstructed images of their respective images.


brainscan film images.AP543 fMRI Technology to scan brain and reconstruct Images

Tested human brain Report

Advantages of fMRI :-

  • It can record signals from brain without risk of any part of brain.
  • It cal also record signals from every region of Brain.
  • In future, it might help those who have no option to communicate.
  • This technique can make dreams and other mental thoughts/movies to be more recognizable.
  • It can also help to find criminals from criminals by watching what they saw and to whom they have interacted with.
  • IT can also reveal hallucinations of a human brain.

Disadvantages of fMRI :-

  • If this technique become common, then there is a risk of getting our privacy leak.
  • This technology has to improve a lot to provide a clear and appropriate images.
  • Proper interpretation of test images has to done as correlation does not imply causality.

This research is now going , and my experts believe that this is really going to make big difference in future. Michael Tarr, co-director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition said this work “Cool Demonstration” of how scientist can use fRMI to study brain with the help of MRI scans.Soon this technology is expected to bring Revolution in the neurology medical field.


Introduction to fMRI

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