Rockstar’s GTA V first Trailer Video Launched

GTA Games are known worldwide. They are just awesome when compared to realistic wold. Whenever GTA games gets released, they are enjoyed by every kind of gamer. After a huge success of GTA IV , it seems that its next part is soon going to get launched

They launched Grand Theft Auto V first trailer which is now on web and getting rapid clicks. In the video, we can sees a city which is much similar to Los Angeles but it is names Los Santos in California in the Game. Rumors says that it can be played under multiple character support.It will be compatible with both 64/86x OS and is expected to work more fast and smoothly than its previous one.

Till Now, GTA sold 124 Million copies till now. Basically, its first game was launched on 1997.  This game will be the most wanted game which is expected to come in the mid of 2012. But , if I would asked , I would demand GTA V as my X-mas Gift from Rockstar.

gta v Rockstars GTA V first Trailer Video Launched

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